Tuesday, June 21, 2005

ringtones for retards

I've come to the conclusion that music ringtones for your cell phone are the biggest load of crap as far as accessorizing any of your personal possessions. What person in their right mind wants to pay $2-3 for a song they just get to hear a part of only when someone calls, which can't be transferred to any other device? It amazes me that people are that stupid enough to buy music ringtones knowing that downloading songs from iTunes or elsewhere costs $1 or less and you get to listen to the whole thing whenever you want. In fact, it's so widespread that you can't even buy "normal" sounding ringtones. You're stuck with the ones that came with your phone. Even so, no one else around you really wants to hear a rap song about bitches and whores keeping it real on the west side with a g-string eating chicken wings (or whatever they do) every time you get a phone call. That's almost as bad as driving around town with your windows down, music all the way up. You're not doing us any favors by playing it for all to hear, jackass.
To me, having a song play on my phone when someone tries to call me is like having my toilet read me my email whenever I lift the lid to take a really big shit. It's totally unnecessary. If you want to listen to music, get a portable mp3 player and some headphones. The worst thing about music ringtones is whenever your phone isn't near you, you can't hear it. Ringers (the real kind) are designed to interrupt the normal flow of sound in everyday life, just like alarm clocks, to alert you for a reason. You might say that "oh, but alarm clocks play music too, what do you think about that, smartass?" Well, when I set my alarm clock to play music, I make sure it's music I don't like (i.e. country), because otherwise there's no way I'm actually going to wake up.


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