Wednesday, June 22, 2005

biking is way better than running

I've been involved in at least one sport or another since I was a little kid, but for the most part I wasn't any good at them. I could always do one part well because I had decent hand-eye coordination, but lacked in other areas due to inattention and apathy. I guess it always had to do with whether or not the action was focused on me; in baseball I was a good hitter, but a crappy fielder. In basketball, a good shooter but a crappy defender. Too small for football, lost interest in soccer after elementary school. In fact, the only thing I could play well was tennis, until I broke my collar bone. In tennis exactly 1/2 of the action is focused on you, and it relies very heavily upon hand-eye coordination (without the possibility of ever having to run more than about 25 feet). Anyway, the wayward point of the story is that I have always hated running. It sucks. I know it's really good exercise, but I can't force myself to like it. Treadmills are the worst; at least when you run outside the scenery changes. I have and always will love a good bike ride, and I used to go all the time back home around the lake in Dallas. And no matter who goes with me, they get left in the dust. It's so much better than running, and I've figured out why - on a bike, *if* you get tired, you can coast for a minute or so. On foot, *when* you get tired, if you try to coast even for one second, you're going to trip and fall flat on your face.


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